Versace Perfume Blue Orange White Men

Versace Perfume Blue Orange White Men

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200­čĺ░Original quality
Versace’s classic men’s eau de toilette of the same name 100ml Versace Pour Homme! As clear as crystal, the firm and handsome bottle puts you in the blue dream of the Mediterranean´┐╝´┐╝´┐╝The overall smell is like that of the seaside The heart of a boy in white! ´┐╝ Comfortable, fresh and fascinating smell, it is recommended that all men collect and own one ´┐╝ Based on traditional male cologne, sour lemon and clean orange blossom create a clear and slightly sweet ocean breeze. The light floral fragrance comes out in the middle, along with the smell of a little sawdust. The woody tone is not distinctive, more like an aquatic fruity fragrance, but it doesn’t smell as fresh and cool as an aquatic perfume.

Simple yet long-lasting musk and coumarin perfectly combine freshness and sensuality. As a relatively easy-to-buy perfume with high acceptance´┐╝

It clearly understands the advantages that entry-level perfumes should have: simple elements, high acceptance, and outstanding cost performance! If you are a young person who has just entered Xiangkeng, you canÔÇÖt go wrong with this one.


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