Louis Vuitton Clothing Hoodies Embroidery Cotton Knitting Fashion Hooded Top

Louis Vuitton Clothing Hoodies Embroidery Cotton Knitting Fashion Hooded Top

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P480🌟🌟1V, LU rope knot embroidered hooded sweatshirt

⚠️Original purchase, 600; standard version, Louis logo embroidery on the chest, Nautical Ropes embroidered hood on the back, drawstring knot, sailor knot, hood Metal eyelets, metal drawstring ends embellished with LV logo, kangaroo pockets, ribbed cuffs and hem

# Fish scale base cotton knitted fabric
Using 26S double yarn + 10S fish scale base fabric, 380g; match and match 21S double yarn rib, 380g. It combines the advantages of double yarn fabric and the characteristics of fish scale base fabric, and has high density and strength, making the sweatshirt more durable and wear-resistant, and also has good warmth retention properties. The fish scale bottom fabric forms a fish scale pattern through a specific weaving process, and the plates are arranged and interwoven according to the pattern and shape of the warp and weft to ensure clear texture and excellent texture. This fabric not only has a unique visual effect, but also enhances the breathability and moisture absorption of the sweatshirt, making it soft and comfortable to the touch.

#Louis logo embroidery on the chest
The characteristics of needle embroidery are that it has a strong sense of line and three-dimensionality, the stitching is lively and the coverage is also very good. This technique is mainly used to fill in slender and curved lines. During the embroidery process, the needles use special stitching methods to make the embroidery have a certain color and luster.

#Back Nautical Ropes Embroidery Hood Drawstring Knot
The main feature of rope embroidery is rope embroidery, also known as rope embroidery; the main feature is the use of rope materials, through specific embroidery techniques, on the fabric Create a rich variety of patterns and textures. The pattern is outlined through the rope and completed by a computerized rope embroidery machine to produce a three-dimensional pattern, adding a unique visual effect and texture to the overall design.

Rope strand embroidery is not only decorative, but also has certain practicality. Due to its special technology and materials, rope embroidery has good fixation on the fabric and is not easy to fall off or deform, so it has good durability.

#Adjustable Hood Kangaroo Pocket Jacket
The hooded version is developed according to the version. The hooded design can protect the head well; at the same time, it can also increase the layering and fashion sense of the entire garment. Brand new hardware clock and metal eyelet embellishments; matched with dropped shoulder lines; the overall design does not limit shoulder width while highlighting a relaxed and lazy feel. The hem of the body is designed with a waisted design and the cuffs are ribbed, and the bottom hem is exquisitely machine-sewn with double topstitching.

Size: S-XL

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